hello, we are Harder Haas

And you are considering who can help you turn your project into reality in the best way possible. We are architects.
You are probably a professional who needs to make everyone happy in terms of return on investments, good sustainable (maybe even award-winning) architecture and recognition for doing a good job.
We are experts in building and construction management.
"On Time" and "On Budget" are most likely some of your hallmarks. But at the same time you also acknowledge the impact architecture can have if you are willing to do better than the average. You understand the joy a certain object can offer to the owners, to the people working, living or visiting a building which has quality. What is the value of the Opera House in Sydney? What has the Golden Gate brought San Francisco or what would New York be without the Empire State Building? That's the power of architecture. And aligned with efficient project management you have a winning combination. Welcome


Of course we are passionate about what we do. But on the other hand we are pragmatic about what is possible as we are always working within a given framework in terms of budget, legislation, timeframe, design demands etc. Within that we want to do our best. We strive to make the best of it and we push ourselves to do better.



We want to be easy to work with. There are plenty of architects who are full of themselves and therefore believe they themselves have the right - and the only - solution. Only a handful have that gift, and they are usually humble about it. We do think highly of our work but we would like you to love it.

open Minded

We do not know where the next brilliant idea comes from. Architecture is a testimony of how we live and how we want to perceive ourselves. It reflects art, culture, technology, beliefs, money, infrastructure, politics, resources and contemporary trends.

because we also understand your business

To invite you to develop something new with us. This is what we would like to do in the future. Moving in that direction step by step. Project by project.

point of view

Modern Living. For us, modern thinking is about having a wider perspective. Rethinking. Re-inventing. Re-using what is available in new combinations. It is about the fluid arrangement of spaces, which liberates us from the confinement of walled rooms for each specific function. Spaces are not only defined by walls, but also partitions that articulate rooms without enclosing them. A wall might be composed by lush planting. Materials. Sustainabilityi
Architecture as a strategic tool for forward thinking companies.
K.I.S (Keep it simple)


if anything was possible .. What do you want to build?

Luckily, we are never offered absolute freedom of thought, design, time and budget. There are always a significant number of restrictions that influence the project in different ways. It is our job to make the most of it and make sure that
You know what you don't want
To be honest, we believe that most of us do not have a crystal clear conception of what we are looking for. But given the opportunity of choices we quickly rule out what we don't want.